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1.Choose the desired preparation type from the options shown.
2-Then enter the substance data.
3-Pay attention to the units used for each cell, you might use the unit converters which are available in our website in case there is a difference in the units.
4.Press (Calculate).
5.The result will appear with the same unit you chose, and you can also print the result.
The following equation is used to find out the concentration of a substance before preparation:
Molarity = Weight Percent × Density × 10 ÷ Formula weight
Normality = Molarity × Equivalent Number.

Then the following equation is used to calculate the concentration of the substance to be prepared, and to know the required volume:
C1 x V1 = C2 x V2
C1: Starting Concentration.
V1: Starting Volume.
C2: Final Concentration.
V2: Final Volume.

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